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    I would like to ask you guys, how to do real wondering laser graphics?
    The best cue in QS and Beyond is Painter (People+Characters Page). I think all are agree. But technically what is it? Frame per frame animation?
    Painter - may be, but old Pangolin's 'Recipe for love' http://www.pangolinshows.com/preview_153.html
    What is it?
    Or ILDA 1st place 2012 graphic show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8kG9R8NTpY
    I am new at lasers, my experience is about 1 year. I see, that 3D graphics is not enough. Frame per frame 24 fps is fantastic costly. ILDA winner's show fully have smooth cartoon style, not 3D, not frame per frame. Convertors from Flash? I do not know, my experience is not enough even to determine how to make such shows
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    Both those examples are hand drawn animations where each frame was created individually and then animated. One thing to realize is that laser shows are a true art form and the art work that goes into each show can be expensive in both time and money.

    If you right click on the painter cue and select "edit frame/animation" you can get a look at how it was drawn.

    We also have a flash converter, 3DS Max converter, and 4D Cinema converter for LD2000 that will allow you to make digital content and convert it to laser content. BEYOND has a 3D content creation tool and will import the generic 3D .FBX file format.