Working with Pangolin on an alternate PC?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by HaVoK, May 19, 2003.

  1. HaVoK

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    I wanted to work with the LD2000 software on a machine that doesn't have the board installed. My laser control PC is in a small case with a small monitor and very awkward to sit in front of while designing a show.

    My main PC has a 21" monitor and a comfortable seating position. Is there a way to install the software on this machine so I can design my laser shows easier and import them to the laser PC?

  2. Pangolin

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    Hi HaVoK, (interesting name by the way...)

    As you may know, Lasershow Designer 2000 and Showtime require a QM2000 to be in a computer *somewhere* in order for the software to operate. Sometimes people speculate that this is Pangolin "being mean" or something or that the hardware is our means of "copy protection", but this is not the case. The QM2000 board has its own memory and its own processor and all of the frame and show content are stored on that board. This board is used solely for laser creation and output and thus this is how we maximize projected image quality.

    Ordinarily, the hardware must be located in the same PC as LD2000 and Showtime are running, but you can install the Pangolin Network (it's just two files) which will allow you to access the QM2000 board in a different computer and run LD2000 and Showtime (and all of our other software) on a computer that does not have the QM2000 installed, but with a network connection. The network connection may be wired, or wireless. For more information, please see the Networking forum.

    You will not be able to run LD2000 or Showtime unless you use a network configuration or install the QM2000 into the local computer. LD2000 and Showtime are not "hardware independent" but may be at some point in the far future.