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    I am having problems with saving new cues. I have a workspace saved on a flash drive that I loaded into the system. I added a couple of new cues and when I saved it, it saved less than half of the total cues. Original size of the workspace was over 500,000 kb, only 187,000 kb was saved. What is the deal? Can someone help? Please hurry, this is a time sensitive problem.
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Hi Gary, you said that you saved the data on a flash drive.
    Do you have the same results when you save the workspace on a hard drive?

    If it works okay then, i think your flash drive is corrupt.
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    I have same probelm here:

    I am having some trouble about my workspace in QS 2.0.

    Recently i began to download some show on the pango server and also finally found the corresponding and matching song with them. These are great show and i decided to have one of the page in the workspace that will contain most of them. So i began to import some into cues.

    There is two problems when i am adding few show(.qshw) in the cue of the show page.

    The first is that there is some show (.qshw) that refuse to import. These files was downloaded from the pangolin server. But this happen only at a certain point where i already have couples of show in the page.. let say 30 show already imported in the page. if i try to load some more the problem seem to begin and some will not load and some will not. Just like if there is only a limited memory allowed for loading show ?... do i need more ram ?

    The second problem is that when i attempt to save a workspace, it does not save completly !!

    Let say that i start with the original QS 2.0 workspace (of about 96Mb size) and that i also imported like 40 show in the cues of the SHOW page. If i try to save that new workspace, it begin to save the first 5 pages and then the status window dissapear... just like it's finished... as well i know that the rest of the pages are probably not saved...
    It only save the 5 first pages of cue and stop. Then when i open the new workspace i only see partial pages of cue in the workspace like Animal, Sports, Vehicule and Celebrations... but all the other pages cpontain nothing! In other words, it now contain less than the basic workspace!!! plus... it have NO show in the SHOW page !!.

    This is serious saving workspace problem! I would really like to be able to save all the workspace and show that i need.

    I would appreciate if you could help me with that.

    I have the version 2.1 Build 350
    Running XP pro edition with 3Ghz and 1Gb ram
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    This sounds similar to the problem I was having...

    I was loading some shows (some from pangolin, some from photonlexicon), and adding music to them.

    I got about 20 (ish) and the computer started to go really slow. Also QS was displaying a warning about low levels of RAM (90+ used)...

    I assume that these shows and the music for them are all loaded and stored in memory all the time (which makes sense, as you want them to run asap - and not have to load the music every time)

    I "fixed" the problem by only loading a few at a time, and then picking the 5 or 6 that I wanted for the event at the time and just loading those. (and saving the WS as [showname]1 etc)
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    *Feature Request*

    *Feature Request*

    What would be nice would be the ability to save a page separately. And then you could have different presets for different sorts of shows and import and export them as needed...