Would it be possible to use spare buttons a quick select Effect buttons?

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  1. tobzd

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    Hello all.
    I have been using the APC40 for my live shows and I am finding that I would like a 'Quik Key' for my favorite FX..

    Would it be possible to use the 2 rows of 8 spare buttons above the faders as a quick select Effect button. Then dial it in via the existing fx intensity pan pot.

    The last 8 frames on bank 1 and 2 could be Permanently mapped to the spare buttons.
    Then you just copy and paste your favorite FX to any of those frames and then they are available on the buttons...??
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Hi Tobzd,

    First make sure your APC40 is turned on and connected.
    Then start beyond.

    Go to the menu as show below:


    In the new windows that opens click on the last button marked with an arrow below:


    A new window will open as shown below.

    Now press a free button on the APC40 you want to assign.
    As soon as you press the button, you will see beyond jumping to a position on the "NOTE ON" tab.
    Double click on the highlighted bar on the "NOTE ON" tab.


    Now the script editor will open.


    Enter the text as shown above, or click on the commands by category section to easily enter the code, next press okay.
    Then the midi button will be assigned to this effect. In this case Effect line 1, fx 1.

    So this activates fx 1 on layer 1.

    If you change the numbers, you can assign any effect you need.
    Keep in mind, this will activate the fx, it will not deactivate it!

    If you enter the script:

    SetFX 1,0 -

    you disable the fx from the first fx layer.

    If you make an complete script like this, you can disable all fx with one button by using the code;

    Setfx 1,0
    Setfx 2,0
    Setfx 3.0
    Setfx 4,0

    As long as every command is on a new line, all commands get executed.

    For example

    Setfx 1,3
    Setfx 2,0
    Setfx 3,7
    Setfx 4,0

    if you enter the 4 lines above under 1 midi button in the pangoscript editor, it will function as:

    Enable fx 3 on layer 1
    Disable fx on layer 2
    Enable fx 7 on layer 3
    Disable fx on layer 4.

    Another example:

    SetFX 1,6

    If you enter the one line above under 1 midi button in the pangoscript editor, it will function as:

    Enable FX 6 on layer 1. But leave the other layers in there current state. (could be enabled, could be disabled).

    If you cross combine these script combinations, you will notice the power of this system.
    With one button you can enable or disable 1 fx. But 1 button can also contain a preset of various fx working together.

    Don't forget to make a disable button, otherwise the fx will stay active.

    The fx still will be enabled and disabled with the dial of the layer the effect is active on.

    I hope this addresses your needs.

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  3. tobzd

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    Thank you so much BoB!

    New this forum stuff, so please excuse the noviceness...

    Very much appreciate you help with this!!

  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    No Problem.

    Thats why where here!! :)
  5. keebs

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    Hi Bob,

    Is there anyway to test the state of a layer/FX using pangoscript such that it can be used the way the Zone toggle buttons are configured with the APC40?

    For example, if "StateFX" returned the state of a layer/FX with a boolean variable, you could use the following to toggle it:
    if(StateFX(1,1) = 0) SetFX(1,1)
    if(StateFX(1,1) = 1) SetFX(1,0)

    I believe a lot of cool things could be done if the state of Beyond's controls were accessible similar to the Functions (DMX, Channel, CC, ExtValue, etc).


    Todd Keebs