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    I'm a new user of Pangolin, and I tried to make a logo... This logo can be see at www.gamers-assembly.net. So, to make this logo, I tried to make a first circle, with right button to make it really round, and I centered it with the option menu. Then I place it in show time, and I put an Y axe rotation... And the cercle make some rotations... But, the axe which is use for rotation appeared to be a little different than the really center of the screen. What I do wrong ?! Why the rotation is not perfect ? When I made it by an auto rotation into LSD, the axe appear as a best one, why ?

    Second question, it is possible to make a rotation with an oblic axe ? (11:30 / 4:30 clock) (With pangolin basic)

    Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my poor english !