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  1. daniellee

    daniellee Member

    Hi bro
    i want to ask why kinect doesn't support in beyond 4.0
  2. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    Hi, Daniellee!
    Kinect is supported in the Ultimate version of Beyond. Do you have an Ultimate license?
  3. daniellee

    daniellee Member

    i have beyond advanced license, it's not support,are you?
  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    You need the Kinect that came with the X-box 360. Newer kinects do not work.

    To use Kinect the following requirements need to be met:
    - Kinect requires BEYOND Ultimate 32 bit to operate.
    - Kinect dev kit version 1.8. (Download below)
    - Kinect 360 USB kit for Windows which looks like this:


    Download link dev kit 1.8

    If you want to install the dev kit 1.8 on windows 10, run the program in compatible mode and check "windows 8.1"

    1. Right click on setup file.
    2. Click on Properties.
    3. Click on Compatibility tab.
    4. Put a check mark on Run this program in compatibility mode for.
    5. Select Windows 8.1.
    6. Put a check mark on Run this program as an administrator under Privilege Level.
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  5. meowmeowmeow

    meowmeowmeow Member

    ok I'm working with you guys in support to see if my ultimate liscensed fb3 can open the 32 bit (would like it to still open beyond 4 1297 though, I'm using that for other features)
  6. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    For BEYOND 4 goes that you can find the 32 Bit exe inside the /beyond/bin directory. Replace the exe in the main folder with the 32 bit one, and then you should be ready to go.

    Dev kit 1.8 is still the only one that will work.