Y2k14 Bug?!

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  1. sdeller

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    Fellow laserists,

    Was it just me who stopped working at midnight on NYE? All PC equipment needed the time changed back to 2013 followed by a restart before Pangolin Beyond was able to run again. Lucky it wasn't a commercial show ;-)

    Running Windows7 + Beyond build 548

    Please see error message below. Beyond still wont start even as we speak - its the 2/01 here now and the date on the PC must be changed before beyond will run..

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  2. sdeller

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    ..answering my own thread I discovered there was a newer build available (603) and this build works just swell...
  3. Astatic

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    No, on Pl there are more users with the 2013 limit.
    It seems to be a 5.48 version problem, the 5.80 works.
  4. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Hey Guys; thank you for the report. :eek: I am surprised someone fron PL didn't call me... (buffo this means you) :p I had two emails this morning with the same thing. I was able to reproduce is in build 552 and installing 588 cleared it up. :cool:

    Please go to our updates page and request the latest build 603, http://www.pangolin.com/UpdateFiles.htm and you should be golden.
  5. ljmarkbrayan

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    very serious problem here in Brazil

    very serious problem here in Brazil is also giving many complications,
    I could not hold my event with 4 machines because of this error the pangolin.
    how do I solve this problem pangolin? I am very disappointed with the pangolin
  6. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    All you need to do is to go to our website and request the updated installer and it will clear this problem.