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    Hi guys,

    I am searching for a simple solution to create a soft zone chase effect. The included Zone chase effect only allows to create hard transition. This means e.g. a rotating line starts at zone1 and will continue its rotation at zone2, later at zone3 and so on... but it´s not possible to have something like soft transitions.
    Example of what I want to have:
    The rotating line effect should have an overall length of 2sec. So it starts at zone1... after 1sec, it should start at zone2 as well from beginning, but the output at zone1 should still continue until the 2sec are over... so there´ll be an time overlap of 1sec...
    --> this is to create what I call "soft chase effect" ;)

    Any idea how to do this, without creating an individual track for each zone? (clear to me, that this is the "traditional" way how to do this....)

    Best regards,

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