Zone Effects, Channels, and APC40 mkII

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by Chris Harris, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. Chris Harris

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    I've assigned the input of a zone based brightness effect to a channel in Beyond. When I move the channel slider, it controls the brightness of that zone as expected. However, when I assign control of that channel slider to a slider on my APC40 mkII, I'm only able to control the channel slider from the slider on my APC40 mkII, but it has no affect on the input of my effect. Am I missing something?
  2. Lasernt

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    Hi, Chris.
    Try this script.
    I have worked with Korg nanokontrol sliders.

    StopOnBlackout // unrem this line if the script must stop when Blackout pressed

    SelectZone 5,6 // zone index, 1..N.
    SelectAndFocusZone 5

    Brightness ExtValue(0,100)


  3. Chris Harris

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    Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm using Beyond Essentials at work and don't have access to MIDI-to-Pangoscript or to editing in the Universe. I've been able to create the hardware controls on the APC40, independent of the channels section, by assigning the input of a zone-based brightness effect to be controlled by a midi slider. I wanted to do it with the channels, in case we ever have problems with the APC40, so we'll have some on-screen controls that mirror those hardware sliders.
  4. Chris Harris

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    Thanks again, Sergey! This is very helpful. We upgraded to Beyond Advanced, and I'm diving into the Universe and Pangoscript. Should this same script work with zone-specific zoom and color control sliders? I'll be back into work tomorrow to experiment some more. I really appreciate the nudge in the right direction!