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    Beyond 1.91 build 603

    How do I change the zone hotkeys in the "Configuration" dialog? Only a single zone appears in the list for each key and I can't edit or change it.
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    Thanks for good question. Because of mistake, button “Editâ€￾ is visible only on a half. In the recent build this button is partially visible, it under the list with zones. Code adjusted, new version will not have this problem.

    I want to offer you to try how well will work a PangoScript for you. There is dialog “Keyboard to PangoScriptâ€￾. It allow assign a script to keyboard. This is example of such script in command style:

    SelectZone "Main Graphics"
    SelectZone 3

    This is example in object oriented style


    Or, another example


    Screenshot with dialog attached. Screenshot of fixed Configuration dialog attached as well.

    Thanks for question!


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    Thanks Alexey!