Zone problem (hierachy?)

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  1. I have a problem with zones.

    In timeline my animation plays in Zone2 (Raster Graphics).
    But in Playlist it does not play in Zone2!!!

    I have frame animation converted in LCflash.
    I put them in a Beyond cue - set Zone2.
    I put them on the timeline - set Zone2.

    How is the hierachy of the Zone settings?
    How does frame zone, cue zone, timeline zone relate?
    Can I view the Zone output just like the timeline tracks? (preview?)
    Can I pause a Playlist show and set zones?

    Just had an idea:
    I will try to set the .ILD animation frames to Zone2 in LD2000...
    Maybe that is the problem that on frame level it is set to Zone1/Main Graphics.
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