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    Hi, just found at the bottom of the zone listing in ld2000 a reference to BEYOND, what is this zone definition used for?

    "Zone 30: BEYOND s0>z29"

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    Please send me a screenshot of the place where you see it (alexey at pangolin com).

    General information about this theme. LD2000 has 30 zones and access them by index. BEYOND has variable number of zones, the limit set definitelly above 100, and access to zones made by means of names. When BEYOND load frames, it transform the indexes into names. There are a few table in Projection Zones dialog that define how import zone information. There is "index to name" table for load of LD2000 content, for QS content, and "default" table.

    Indentification of projection zone by name has a lot of positive sides. Even if zone not exists, you always can make a guess about what this zone is - just by name. Also, you may easily remove or reorder zones in the list. Theoretically, you may even merge projection zone lists. Projection zone may have more than one name - you may add names to existing zones, and/or move these names between zones, etc.