APC40 - Activator and Solo-Cue FX Mapping

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    This afternoon I started on mapping the "Activator" and "Solo-Cue" buttons to the Quick FX. This is fairly preliminary, but I wanted to post it up to possibly get some discussion going.

    Attached is the Beyond MIDI Table for loading in the MIDI to PangoScript section.

    As of right now, it works as follows.

    If Fader 9 / Master is in the top half of its range:
    -Activator Buttons 1-7 enable Layer 1 QuickFX 1-7 and Button 8 disables Layer 1 Quick FX.
    -Cue/Solo Buttons 1-7 enable Layer 2 QuickFX 1-7 and Button 8 disables Layer 2 Quick FX.

    If Fader 9 / Master is in the bottom half of its range:
    -Same as above, but apply to Layers 3 and 4.

    The button's LED for the currently active FX and Button 8 will turn on when pressed and the other row's buttons will turn off (see below for limitations). Pressing Button 8 to disable the FX will turn all LEDs off in the row.

    -When switching between Layers 1/2 and 3/4 with Fader 9, the LEDs do not update to the new layers current state. Hopefully this can be resolved, but I haven't figured out the functionality yet.
    -For some reason Solo/Cue Button 2 does not execute Note On scripts with my setup, so the FX MAY be enabled only when you release the button. I have posted a question about this in the forum so we will see if this is an issue for me only or also for others. Feedback on whether it occurs when pressing down would be appreciated.


    Todd Keebs

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    Note: this issue has been resolved with the latest build I received (522A).

    Todd Keebs