APC40 midi bugs

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  1. dvheerde

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    A view litle bugs on the Midi Controller APC40 template version 3.3

    - Buttons: reset Rotation, reset Angle and reset Size are not lighting up by pressing on it.

    - Set the Rotation x,y or z on the APC40 to a postion. By pressing the reset Angle button, the leds of the Rotation change.

    - Set the Angle x,y or z on the APC40 to a postition. By pressing the reset Rotation button, the leds of the Angle change.

    - Reset of the Rotation on the APC40 don't work good. The cue stops but don't return to the zero (start) position. When you give a reset in the programme, it works correctly, stops and go to the zero (start) position.

    - Sometimes after starting up Beyond with the APC40 connected, i must give a blackout, other wise the APC40 don't work good / responce. !?


    D. v Heerde
  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    This is not a bug.

    Ill check the lights again, I thought I did it correctly.

    This is as designed, reset rotation resets the live control space, not an individual cue.

    It could be that your running some other scripts. This can cause strange behavior. Thats why i state that you need to start laser output on the APC40 console it self.

    Then all scripts are initialized.

    Also, in the configuration menu you can select how Beyond responds on Blackout, it might make sense to take a look there.
  3. dvheerde

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    Reset rotation midi code

    Hello Bob,

    Thanks for your quick answer.

    I understand thats the rotation is designed how its works.
    but can you tell me the how i must change the midi code for change the reset rotation Button that the cue will be return to the (start) zero position.
    What i would is the same as i klick on the "reset rotatie" on screen under the x,y,z


    D. van Heerde
  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Try the latest version, I believe it will work now.

    Reset rotation XYZ that is.