Best USB HUB for multible FB3 connection

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    Hello everybody,

    I'm using 4 pcs of FB3 connected to a laptop over an USB HUB.
    When it comes to a short distance I use a powered, D-Link 2.0 hub. For long distance the StarTech USB extender over the RJ45.

    In both cases, whenever I change the sequence or a number of FB3s connected to the rig, Beyond is 'ping-ponging' the FB3 units by connecting and disconnecting them in random order (not always, but unpredictably). Sometimes even when everything works fine initially, it does it (disconnects particular FB3) after some time with no particular reason. Mind you, all FB3 are perfectly OK, they work fine when connected individually.

    I suspect this may be the USB HUB problems I use, I'm curious which brands/models might be more stable and reliable. Any experience/thoughts anybody?

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    I used DLink 7 port hub, it works mostly well, but eventually it become problematic. Currently I mostly use Belkin USB 2.0 hub in aluminum housing. So far it works well for me. What for reasons of disconnects - during 10 years of FB3 life I saw several problems, including bad quality USB Host controller on one of my ASUS, worn out USB sockets on laptops, bad cables (even good looking, and really cool looking and brand new), and pretty rare but - worn out socket on FB3SE. What beans basically every part of connection may be a reason of problem. When I hear such sound - I buy another cables, if does not help - hub, if does not help - check on another PC.
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    Hi Daniel,

    I use

    Regarding cables - I cannot give exact recommendations, however, I came to impression that good looking cables works pretty bad. Please ask somebody else for advice.

    Startech is pretty good brand, make many good things.

    Typically I prefer cables that comes in brown carton boxes rather than in shiny plastic with nice prints.

    For testing, I would double the load (length and number of devices), and if doubled works well (FB3 has no visible problems) then it should work well on normal load.

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    Thank you Alexey for your valuable input. For the time being StarTech does the job. The last couple of shows no problems with StarTech units spread some 100 yards away over CAT cable and 4 pcs of FB3 connected. Just in case I got me a new set of USB cables for backup (with gold plated terminals).