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  1. Demian

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    I have several concerns, some urgent, others less so.
    Our laser show is designed to project subtitles. We wrote a script for QLab, which reads the subtitles and ejects them as OSC messages based on the timecode position.
    To create and test the show, a demo version of Beyond ran in Essentials mode on a Macbook with Wine. The local communication between QLab and Beyond worked without problems.
    The full version of Beyond does not run on Wine, too bad. Now we just have to set up another laptop in the control room, ok. Windows 7, the Mac can ping it, but unfortunately no OSC commands arrive.
    The messages are as follows:
    /beyond/general/CueDown 0 0
    /beyond/general/CueDown 0 1
    /b/textobject/text "test subtitles
    very simple, no response...
    Thanks for your answer!
  2. Igor Strakhov

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  3. Demian

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    there was a firewall blocking osc but not the ping smh. thanks for the reply though
  4. nor

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    Hi guys! Been playing around with OSC and iPads etc., looks great.
    But I can´t find the exact command to trigger a cue, or to select/preview a cue. Any hints?
  5. Bob@Pangolin

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    /beyond/general/cuedown 0,1
    Page = 0
    cue = 1

    Here we start counting at 0.

    You also might want to check out this page :
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  6. nor

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    Thanks Bob, I hadn´t seen the Wiki. Late night forum browsing on phone :-/
    Sending /beyond/general/CueDown value range 0, 1 lets me trigger cue1 on page1.
    But Value range 0, 2 triggers cue1 on page2
    (Value range 1, 0 triggers first cue, as does 2, 0 etc etc, just for testing)

    Seems to be a float vs. integers thing, TouchOSC doesn´t output integers.
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  7. nor

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    An afterthought - can I use OSC float values to trigger Pangoscripts that will trigger single Cues?
  8. Bob@Pangolin

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    You should not use a space after the comma, My guess is that this is causing the issue.
    I don't think its floating, Enable the OSC monitor and see what is coming in .. the value that comes in is the last nr on the line.

    It also helps to enable OSC command view in the preview window. Then you can see what actually is being executed.

    (Settings >> configuration >> Laser preview >> Display OSC Messages)
  9. nor

    nor Active Member

    Thanks, Bob, I will try a few attack vectors here. Here´s a screengrab from TouchOSC - which won´t let me use a standard comma, just a point. Dunno if that is a no-no, but will make sure to test a few versions

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  10. Bob@Pangolin

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    We know that TouchOSC does not follow the OSC rules completely.

    We deliberately chose to follow the OSC addressing language as its defined, compared to TouchOSC.

    Cause of this, some things are not possible through touchOSC. But if you use Lemur, or other applications, you can do more.
  11. nor

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    Workaround: TouchOSC sends MIDI and also Keystrokes, so for now I´m just sending QWERTY and qwerty... and all is good.
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