Change the colors of buttons APC 40

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  1. RoroBzh

    RoroBzh New Member

    Hello I am sending you this message as you know the apc 40 finally on the Grid button 3 colors -> Red, Green, Orange.

    Me my questions is how simple it is to change the color of the buttons ? ?

    Waiting for a response

  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Yes thats pretty easy:

    Open up beyond, make sure the apc40 is attached.

    Go to:

    Settings: Midi settings >> select the apc40 device, (probably the second option) >> Open Midi surface - Main grid. >> click tab Grid output.

    Now you see a list of columns


    - empty is a cue which has no content.
    - empty foc. is an empty cue which is selected by mouse keyboard
    - Used is a cue with data
    - used foc. is a cue with data and is selected by mouse or keyboard
    - playing is a playing cue with data
    - playing foc. is a cue with data which is playing and is selected by mouse or keyboard.

    In this table, the last 2 numbers determine the color.

    00 = off
    01 = green
    02 = green blink
    03 = red
    04 = red blink
    05 = yellow
    06 = yellow blink
    07 till 7F = green
  3. RoroBzh

    RoroBzh New Member

    Thank you it works very well I can continue my map Operating Personnel :)
  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Just an tip,

    Only the click grid of 8x5 is multicolor.

    The rest of the buttons is single color.
  5. Tad7752

    Tad7752 New Member

    Followed the instructions and it didn't work for me so I saved the midi setup, restarted the program, still didn't work. Next I tried copying the midi setting from the input and just changing the settings for cell1 to the colors I want. I attached an image of my configuration. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. Tad7752

    Tad7752 New Member

    Nevermind just had to assign the apc to the midi output. Only had it assigned to the midi input
  7. guienlive

    guienlive New Member


    i have the same problem as RORO, who post this thread ....

    but I use in "live" and apc40 and a apc20 to play (not push which is only used to create)

    i try your solution , but, when i go in : setting/midi setting I put apc40 like midi interface, and IMPOSSIBLE to acces "GRID OPTIONS"

    where is it ???

    do I miss something (i try the left click on apc40, but nothing, and i post the question to ableton support who tell me to ask you the question ....

    Could you re-explain me HOW TO DO THIS please ????

    i'm a colour blind person, and i would like to use the version 9.2 of ableton to work with the push (to create my live) and play my live with the

    actually im working in 9,0,6 version, because i was using the remote script of HANZ PETROV which allow me to change directly the value of the colour in the script ....


    tell me what program or the best way to change that F****** value, it will help me to sleep well ....


    guienlive , a french guy
  8. guienlive

    guienlive New Member

    HOW to open MAIN GRID in ableton ???

  9. hitekvoop

    hitekvoop Well-Known Member

    This is the Pangolin forums, a laser control software that uses the APC40.

    Ableton live is a completely different software suite and is not affiliated with Pangolin Laser Systems. You probably want to be posting over here:

    Good luck!
  10. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Yes is possible.

    You can hook up 4 midi controllers.

    Finding the button lights may be harder but there might be a protocol document out there that completes the story.
  11. Hektek

    Hektek Beta Tester

    Is there a list of the colors for the APC40 MKII? I'd like to make the buttons dimmer.
  12. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

  13. Is there a way to map say a color effect preview on an full rbg pad if you pango scripted it to contain your quick color fx.
    I.e. the pastal blue would look pastal blue on the pad so it's easier to select colors.
  14. brad1775

    brad1775 New Member

    I'm sure there is, I'm trying to figure it out, but am just scratching the surface of midi mapping, for now I'm just trying to get the feedback to give me the colors I want for different groups of cues, still can't find a color chart that works with the apc40 or launchpad