Clock/BPM Shift DMX server mode

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    When using beyond DMX server mode, master Clock/BPM shift does not work. Is there a work around to make this feature work?
  2. ENOT

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    Mester clock/BPM designed for situation when BEYOND calculate frames/effects which going to multiple projection zones. A list of zones is must-have element in this calculation. As example, you have a cue with multiple zones in Destination tab. BEYOD does time shift based on list and order of zones in this list.

    DMX Server is absolutely different situation. Each Zone has own player, and it makes all construction a single zone oriented model. In other words - there is no "zone list" in this situation. So, it cannot work for players located in Projection Zones.
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    But even in DMX Server Mode, Beyond is sending a cue source to a certain number of shouldnt master shift still be able to affect it? Beyond still is the in-between for triggerering the content at a particular zone - so the master should be able to know what zones/how many are currently being output and how to apply a shift to them.
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    How are the DMX server users supposed to achieve similar cue shift fx?
  5. ENOT

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    it supposed to be done on DMX Control system side. DMX console/software might be possible to do time shifts of effects and cue starts. Just consider situation of simple DMX fixtures and some time shifted effects. Anyway. DMX Server supposed to act like array of simple fixtures and it not supposed to do time shifting.

    If you need time shift in BEYOND then you need to control ProTracks which can play any content and apply multi zone effects including time shifts, etc.


    BEYOND as control system has multiple layers of control. It form BEYOND as control system. in all such places you need to define destination zone(s). This is mandatory part of system.
    DMX server is sort of opposite (or simplified) construction. Zone act like a fixture, has own cue player and ALL output calculated by this player goes into this zone. Settings of content are not important because a whole construction must work in a simple manner - one to one relation. you start content playback in zone, and it goes into this zone. It made on purpose. DMX Server turn BEYOND into simple for use playback system.

    If you want more - we already have answer - ProTrack can be controlled by DMX (using scripting) and then you can use fill stack of BEYOND effect engine. ProTrack is high level thing places in the top layer. DMX Server players supposed to be at the end for simulation of fixture like functionality.

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