Controlling multiple lasers

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    I have set graphics to projector 1& atmospherics to projector 2
    I have a logo on projector 1 and a wave on projector 2
    I want to change the atmospheric effect and let the logo stay forever

    In a One Cue mode the laser images replace each other
    And does not let me have a logo and a wave
    In a Multi Cue the logo goes to projector 1 the wave to projector 2
    But when I want to change to a different wave it adds it to the first wave and I have 2 waves projected
    If I will change back to One cue mode – selecting a new wave is stopping the projection of the logo on projector one

    I can press the first wave again so it will disappear
    1 – Selecting the first wave and than the second wave – I get darkness
    2 - Selecting the second wave and than the first wave – I get 2 wave
    This way the transitions are not nice

    Is there a way to do it right?
    Thank you
  2. Jim_LaserBeam

    Jim_LaserBeam Member

    hi, i think that depends on the cue settings.

    first try to set the general settings for each of your fb3, e.g. the first will be assigned to projection zone 1 and the second to zone 2.

    then you can rightclick every cue to assign it to one, both or even more of your chosen projectoin zones. the cue will be played in each zone where the hooks are.

    after several crashes of qs while testing to get the right settings at last it works fine now with two dac.

    there is just one little bug: cues made with quick capture will not have the possibillity to assign to any projection zone. may be somebody else has a solution for this.

    hope you´ll understand my tired english and it´ll work for you, too...