Easy and fast way to import/convert video files to FB4


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I am new in this. We have purchased 4FB in order sometimes to show our logo, on our office wall, or sometimes to show some short video.
Our business field of focus has nothing to do with lasers, 3D etc..

So we do not want to spend a lot of time for content creation, drawing/animations etc..

Is there a fast/easy way to convert *.mp4 *.avi or other popular video formats, to format that 4FB can play?

It seems that TraceIT was the way to go, but I guess this line is dead, as the software does not start and is not normally available for download.
Hi, Vaidotas!
Making high-quality laser animation from video is a very painstaking, long and expensive job.
With Tracert, you can get an adequate result if, for example, you want to get a contour of a dancing person.
To do this, you need make a video of a dancer in a black suit on a green background.
Thank, You Igor,
We only have FB4, so this is not much of a help. The dropbox zip only contains the help file *.chm, but no software.
I could not start the Real Time Video tracer either in Beyond for the webcam, I guess the issue is, that I do not have the Beyond license,
we want to find the right solution, and only then make the purchase.
But I guess you are right, preparation of the video will last longer then just drawing the required animation.
Beyond Real Time Video tracer is only available in the Ultimate version of Beyond.
I'm not sure if this feature is in the demo version, but I think it's worth trying to download and install the demo version of Beyond.
To do this, you need create account on the website pangolin.com, go to the Beyond page https://pangolin.com/pages/beyond and download demo installer from there.