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Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by WhoMan, Feb 8, 2018.

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    Hello Team,
    I have a CM6000FB4, and I have uploaded one test cue to Page1 Cue1, however I can't seem to trigger it in ArtNet Mode.
    It shows as 32..35 when I upload, but when I put ArtNet Universe0 Channel1 to 33, nothing happens.

    I know the Network Settings are correct and ArtNet is being received, because if I slide any fader on Universe0, the 3rd light on the FB4 starts blinking rapidly.

    On the FB4, Universe is set to 0 and Start Address is set to 1.

    I'm assuming:
    Page1 = Channel1 ?

    In any event, I can't figure out which step I'm missing.
  2. WhoMan

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    I figured this one out.

    I watched this video on Beyond ArtNet video from Pangolin:
    At 2:41, it shows the table of DMX values.

    I tried those values, and it's working now.


    One last question: I notice on the FB4 menu there's no "OSC Mode". Is that mode not implemented currently?