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  1. Hi, i have a general question to FB4 and Artnet mode….
    I´m owning four FB4 interfaces, used normally with Beyond - so no problems. Now i want to use a FB4 with preloaded cues via Artnet DMX protocol to use a laser projector a little bit like a light scanner. I have tried different lightning programs wich are working well with DMX4ALL Artnet interface, but i will not get any output with FB4.
    Programs are Beyond (using Artnet DMX for room light and effects), PCDimmer and LumiDMX - all working fine. (What you can also see with Wireshark protocol analyzer)

    What i can see on the FB4 is a fast blinking orange light, if the Artnet output on the selected universe is started. So it looks, that the FB4 will see the Artnet frames, but no reaction. I have tested FB3 mode and the FB4 39 Channel DMX profile assignment.
    I can test every channel combination - no reaction and no red light on the FB4.

    So the question - what i´m doing wrong, what is missing - or is it not possible to get the cues - saved on the SD memory card of the FB4 - outputted to a laser projector via this way?

    Thanks and kind regards
  2. Igor Strakhov

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    Hi, Ludwig!
    Please, write how you make export files on SD-card?
    And how do you give a DMX signal to activate the exported cue?
    What DMX/Art-Net Setup options do you use?
  3. Hi Igor,
    I´m exporting the cues via FB4 Export inside Beyond. So if i look into the SD card via FB4 Browser, i can see files in the content\dmx directory. There are the exported files (P001C0xx.FB4Animation)
    So if i use the FB4 browser, i can get an output to the laser. The auto and autoplay directories are empty.

    DMX signal is generated for example with the quick DMX function of Beyond. I use it, to operate the light in the room and some effects. Beyond is set to Artnet and sending to an DMX4ALL Artnet adapter, which is working perfect. (Universe 0) In the same way i try to reach the FB4 - and FB4 starts blinking an orange light, so it seems to receive the Artnet DMX frames. For testing i´m playing with the DMX channels to get an reaction of the FB4.... but nothing happens. I also have tried other DMX consoles … same thing.

    Setup of Beyond DMX : DMX ouput1 to Artnet 0.5. All other Outputs disabled. Subnet:0 Universe:5 (also tested 0) HTP (Highest Takes Precedence)
  4. Igor Strakhov

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  5. Hi Igor,
    thanks for the information. I will test it this evening (German time :) ) and come back to you.
  6. Hi Igor,
    that looks good :)
    It´s the first time i see a reaction of the FB4.
    So i can use this as an start point for more "experiments" :)

    Thanks a lot and kind regards
  7. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    I was glad to help! Good luck in our beautiful business!