Lance G

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I am currently having an issue updating the FB4-SE cards in my lasers. I have updated to Beyond 4.0 from a fully operational Beyond 3.0, and have performed the following attempts of updating:
I plugged in the entire system via RJ45 Cat 5e into the gigabit network switch, opened Beyond 4.0, the list of available lasers populates and I select update all. The FB4 cards connect, 'Updating', 'Checking SD Card', and then the FB4-SE lasers show a disconnected state. The 'Checking SD Card' remains on the screen indefinitely.

I then attempt to connect a single FB4-SE laser directly into the computer and perform the same task described above. The result is exactly the same. I have repeated this direct connection method for every FB4-SE laser I have with the same result. The FB4-SE on every laser will not update.

If anyone has solved this issue, I greatly appreciate any information regarding a solution. Thank you.
The Beyond 4.0 Updater does not update the FB4 card firmware, however the Quickshow Updater does update the firmware. I suggest you fix this.