FBX troubles? Try the free viewer from AutoDesk

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    Hi folks,

    As some of you know, BEYOND 3D includes the ability to import content created in other 3D programs, such as 3D Studio MAX and Cinema 4D, to name just a few. The import is done using an interchange file format called "FBX". This is a file format that is a kind of international standard. Unfortunately there are several flavors of the standard and -- occasionally, when people import things into BEYOND, they don't get the expected results, and when this happens, the first thing people think is that it must be a problem in BEYOND...

    We appreciate when people contact us, because it gives us the opportunity to see how well the software is working, and address problems when and where they exist. But very often, the problem with FBX imports is not BEYOND 3D, but rather with the FBX file itself.

    Internally, whenever a client sends us an FBX file, we use the free viewer program made by AutoDesk, and we make sure that the file looks correct there. After all, if AutoDesk's viewer doesn't show the file correctly, then BEYOND 3D probably won't import it correctly.

    The viewer is free and available for download from Autodesk's website:

    The viewer is part of the FBX Converter, and 2013.3 is the last version they released it for - so I guess it is no longer maintained, but still works very well.

    In any event, we're always happy to hear from clients, and we will continue to explore problems reported. But if you're having troubles with importing FBX files and looking for a quick answer, perhaps the FBX Viewer from AutoDesk will be a handy tool.

    Best regards,

    William Benner