Graphics Control Issues with QS3 and ClubMAX 800

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    I have a ClubMAX 800 projector connected to a Pangolin FB4-SE through a ILDA cable. The FB4 is then connected to a laptop running QuickShow 3.0 through an Ethernet connection. I am very new at this laser show industry. I set up the system based on the manual and program the software to the best of my ability. The laser projector does start up and emit, but I am not able to control the graphics. The beam more or less wiggles in a small area without producing any designed shapes. The colors appear to be what I would expected, however. I am trying to troubleshoot the cause of this problem. I have recorded a video of the issue to show you my settings and the situation so that you have a better understanding of the problem. My concern is that I do not know whether this is a mechanical issue with the laser or the interface and software side. Could you all please take a look at my video to see what is potentially the cause. Please let me know if you need to see other areas or settings of the software. Your expert opinion is very much needed and appreciated.

    Link to video on Google Drive:

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    Can you show the projection zone settings?
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    In the assumption that you already tried another ILDA cable, it looks like you have an hardware issue.`

    What you could try is checking the FB4, if there any settings made on the device it self.

    (Size / zoom) which you can check in the menu of the FB4.