How to use the "Secondary Grid" in BEYOND?

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    I know that the "Secondary Grid" is the grid available from the QuickTools area - but it seems to just mimic/duplicate the main grid. How are some ways we can use the secondary grid in creative/useful ways? I see that it has it's own section in the midi settings page. Any examples would be very appreciated. :)

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    That's a good question.

    Note that the "secondary grid" also has its own "Cue triggering mode", such as Restart, Toggle, Flash, etc. And also note that the "secondary grid" can be detached from the QuickTools area, and put onto its own monitor (for example the secondary monitor on your PC).

    So if you have a secondary monitor that is a touch screen (really cheap these days), it could give you a GREAT and BIG way to trigger cues.

    Also note that, within the Configuration dialog box of BEYOND, you can indicate that you want the computer keyboard itself to be directed only to the primary grid, or only to the secondary grid or both (automatic), and so you can do what piano players and guitar players have been doing for a long time -- "play with both hands". You can have one hand on the computer keyboard, and the other on a touch screen.

    Also note that you can direct input from other places (for example OSC or MIDI) to either the primary or secondary grid too.

    All of these inputs give you a degree of control that we have not seen in other programs.

    But this is a great question, and we certainly invite the input of others.

    Best regards,

    William Benner

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    thanks for the thorough response, Bill!
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    Hi Guys,

    There is one more reason - Timelime mode.