ILDA not correct?

Discussion in 'QM2000 series of products' started by Lampa, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Lampa

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    We recently bought a new RGB laser (1,5with ILDA connection. If we use this laser on the CM2000 board it doesn't work properly with Livepro.

    Following problem appears:
    It doesn't dim (I only have output when I put it to 100%, when i choose for example 65% I get nothing)
    When I choose colors:
    white -> I get magenta
    red -> OK
    blue -> OK
    green -> only when 100% green

    Can somebody help me? Is there something wrong with the hardware of the QM2000, or is it a setup in the software? When we use another ILDA- device (USB dongle with other software) to operate the laser it works OK, so there's nothing wrong with the ILDA connection of the laser.

    ILDA pins for the laser: (copy of the lasers manual)
    1: X+ : -5V to +5V
    2: Y+ : -5V to +5V
    3: no use
    4: interlock A : connected to pin 17 inside the QM 2000
    5: red + : 0 to + 2,5V
    6: green + : 0 to + 2,5V
    7: blue + : 0 to + 2,5V
    8: no use: no use
    9: no use: no use
    10: no use: no use
    11: no use: no use
    12: not connected: no use
    13: no use: no use
    14: X-: +5V to -5V
    15: Y-: +5V to -5V
    16: no use: no use
    17: interlock B: connected to pin 4 inside the QM 2000
    18: red - : 0 to - 2,5V
    19: green - : 0 to -2,5V
    20: blue - : 0 to -2,5V
    21: no use: no use
    22: no use: no use
    23: no use: no use
    24: no use: no use
    25: ground: cable shielded

    Before we had a gas-laser with color-crystal connected to the live-pro, witch we could dim and color change, so maybe it is just a software setting. But I just can't find it... Sorry

    Thanks in advance!
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    Whenever we see a question like this, a question pops into our own head -- who was it that sold you the LD2000 system?

    The reason why this question pops into our heads is because -- Pangolin sells through dealers, so that when you have a question or a problem, you can contact the dealer for support. Dealers are geographically closer to you, and they might know your equipment better than we do (this is especially the case if they sold the equipment to you). So, most often, a dealer is in a much better position to offer assistance for fundamental problems.

    What's more -- the problem that you are reporting sounds like it is related to "settings". When you receive the system from a dealer, they are supposed to offer you training, and inform you of how to adjust the settings so that our software will work perfectly with your projector. If your dealer did not offer you training, or if they are not available to give you assistance, then we take this very seriously. To us at Pangolin, service and support is more important than sales, so if a dealer is not doing a good job with service and support, we take corrective action!! So that is why it is important for us to know who your dealer was -- so that we can evaluate what is going on with the communication between the dealer and end-users.

    With that having been said, let me say that it sounds to me like you need to "train your color system". Training is easy, and it is also explained in the Tutorial DVD which you should have received when you acquired the software.

    Please contact us directly by email so that we can gather more information about your dealer, and offer more technical assistance if necessary. You can use our contact form here:

    Best regards,

    William Benner