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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by AudioBoost, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. AudioBoost

    AudioBoost New Member

    I can't seem to get the audio track waveform to appear in the quick show timeline.


    Tried various things and still can't get it to play or the waveform.

    Any help much appreciated
  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Does the file play in VLC? And is the file, according to VLC a wav?
  3. AudioBoost

    AudioBoost New Member

    Hi Bob,

    Yes plays in VLC no problem. The pangolin music doesn't play or displays the waveform in QS either

  4. Dillweed

    Dillweed Member

    Once again it appears to be the disappearing WAV bug . . I have given up on QS for almost a year or so .
    This issue is just too frustrating . There have been several reports by myself and others on this forum .
    Working in the timeline, you’ll look somewhere else and look back to timeline and the WAV disappears and replaced by the name of the WAV and an explanation point ( ! ) . I updated QS to possibly fix this problem and all zones were changed to graphics zone for about twenty five shows stored in my workspace . I have since backed up most shows and tapping my foot and waiting . . .
  5. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    Hi, AudioBoost!
    Hi, Dillweed!

    Indeed, several of our users have encountered this problem.
    But we haven't been able to reproduce it at the moment.
    We will be happy to work with you to solve this problem.

    You need to make sure that we have a really uncompressed wav file, and not an mp3, and even with a variable bitrate.
    The wav file extension itself does not mean that it contains an uncompressed track.

    Please write how you define what is contained within a music track or send these tracks.

    We also recommend checking for problems in the "clean" installation.
    To do this, you need:
    - create a new empty folder
    - copy to it only qs.exe
    - check the system behavior by running QS from this new folder.

    Our support team will be happy to solve your problem!
  6. Dillweed

    Dillweed Member

    No, I have tried these tips when they were they were posted several times before . .

    You know, I have my original QS install on a spare computer, it never made me doubt it once .
    I’m really hoping someone will come to their senses with the forced update issue some day .
    Forced update cross your fingers and hope you find any possible changes or issues that would
    embarrass yourself or others .

    I don’t think previous bugs are fixed before a new updates is issued . An update log would be helpful .
    New products are put on the front burner while older products and users are left by the wayside .
    I recently had the same problem with an unnamed laser company .

    I’m sorry, like I’ve said this has been well over a year of frustration and second guessing . .
    I was getting fairly good at programming, probably on the verge of cocky .
    The reinstall QS and all the other and hoopla isn’t working no more .
  7. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    Hi, Dillweed!
    We are truly open to dialogue and are making every effort to ensure the quality of our product.
    However, it is difficult to reproduce this problem without the specific data that causes it.

    In this post, I asked to send us a log file when the problem occurs.
    Here I asked to send us a music track causing the problem.

    However, at the moment we have not received any requested data.
    In any case, we will work on this problem. But without data it will take much longer than all would like.

    For example, updating the QS version does not replace custom projection zones.
    If you describe the update process in more detail (on which operating system it took place, from which version QS and to which version, a projection zone settings screenshot before and after the update), we can see if the problem really exists.

    We are happy to help!
  8. Dillweed

    Dillweed Member

    Quickshow may not have changed my custom zones,but zone explorer which was introduced in that update sure could have . I’m talking over twenty different shows with five or six zones each . That and the WAV bug, I’ve thrown my hands up and gave up . “ We can see if the problem exist “ what an arrogant thing to say . . .

    No, like I’ve said I’ll wait a bit, wait long enough and I’ll file you all between others.
    Companies I’ve dropped that didn’t make things right . Never to mention their names again, put every scrap of
    their existence in the shredder .
  9. Dillweed

    Dillweed Member

    Boy, it sure got quiet . And the fact that someone felt they had to edit my previous post only makes me more curious . I must have struck a nerve . . .
    I’m surprised that my posts weren’t deleted, so I wouldn’t give great odds that this post won’t be edited or deleted. But I only voiced half of my opinions on this issue and I’m sorry I had to hijack this poor guys post to do it . He’s having much the same problem.
    Make no mistake, I loved Quickshow . I’ve used it for over eight years .
    It was a tight little program that they’ve stuffed full of a cloud, zone explorer, and other amenities . I’m not against upgrades either, but most upgrades I’ve found by mistake .
    Examples are finding the real time clock in timeline and being able to expand the preview window, I was beginning to be impressed .
    The fact that I need to take a screenshot before and after an upgrade, reinstall QS,
    or any of the other “fixes” here suggest that very little or no beta testing before a version is released . And I am forced to download it to continue running the program .
    I’ve still not recover from the last upgrade over a year ago and as I’ve said, I haven’t been able program since then . A time when I’m locked in the studio because current conditions makes it even more frustrating.

    A studio or the field would probably be a poor venue to be beta testing laser software for obvious reasons . So I chose not to beta test your software . People will say the software is free anyway, the six new flashback 3’s and copies QS I own, certainly weren’t . .
  10. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi, AudioBoost!
    Hi, Dillweed!

    Please send an email directly to to open a support ticket for these issues and we will work to address them each individually.