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  1. AnthonyGarcia

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    Hey I am new to using beyond and I was wondering if there are ways I can fix these two issues:

    1) One of my projectors is delaying for each cue. I am using an RTI Piko and a Lightspace Pluto II and the pluto has a bit of a delay between when I press the cue and when it turns on. every time I press ecape or when I am done flashing a cue I can hear the shutter turn off and my emission light goes out. Now I was thinking this might be a projector issue but this would never happen between cues or even when I blacked out using Full Auto.

    2) The timeline editor is really not working for me. When I add audio and play (to place an event to the music) the part of the song that is played changes every time, despite where I put the play head. The only way I have found that the music doesnt go out of sync with the events is when I start from the beginning of the whole track (annoying if the lasers dont come in until 2 minutes in).

    Thanks team Panolin and other users ahead of time for helping me out :)

    EDIT: Here's a video explaining a bit more:
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  2. ENOT

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    I have similar reaction in KVANT ATOM series projector, it has a safety system that cause it.

    I recommend for a test swap the cables/outputs, first FB out to second projector and opposite. If projector that has a delay will still have a delay, then this is question of projector. if no, then contact me.

    Regarding audio - it would be great to see it, and know more details. The video like you did is perfect way (thanks!)


  3. AnthonyGarcia

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    Haha actually the piko I'm borrowing right now has a malfunctioning ilda out :/ so I have to go fb-pluto-piko or fb-piko.

    I'll gladly get a video later tonight when I get home to explain the issues I'm having with the time-line, as well as how my projector works with full auto (ooooold software) :)
  4. aricha

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    incase you are using an mp3 file convert it to wave
  5. Aaron@Pangolin

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    If both of those projectors have shutters, and one is opening slower than the other, I do not think this would be software related; I suspect a shutter with a slow response time. I "think" the Piko has a shutter but I am not 100% sure.

    As a sanity check, I would swap hardware controllers between projectors to see if shutter reponse time "issue" moves or stays with the Pluto.

    As Aricha stated, I would try chaning the audio file format to a WAV file to see if that resolves your audio issue. If I have a MP3 in a show and the audio "moves", converting the audio to WAV has resovled the problem.
  6. AnthonyGarcia

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    It definitely is the plutos shutter. Is there any way to bypass shutter? (Beyond sends out signal causing emission light and shutter to open)
  7. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    The way a shutter should be wired is that the shutter is closed once the power is removed; it opens when voltage is applied to it. It shuts by the shutter arm "falling" into the beam path once power is removed and lifted once power is applied. If you could disable the shutter line it would not be a valid solution as the shutter would always be closed. The only thing I can think of is to remove the shutter; then you void your varience (assuming the Pluto has one yet).
  8. Flyingpictures

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    Did you resolve this.
    I saw this same thing with a new Pluto, the first release with the shutter and LCD back panel.
    I think it is a latency issue with the new controller on-board the projector.
  9. AnthonyGarcia

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    I did resolve it (by just removing the shutter from the beam path). Still not sure if its beyond or the way that it was wired (we replaced the stock pluto shutter with a MUCH FASTER reacting one (yay safety)) but as Aaron though, the shutter switched on and off per cue for the lasers and not when the projector itself was powered on or off.