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  1. zerowaitstate

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    Kvant Clubmax 3000 scan speed 40 K ?

    Hi all, i hope this finds you well.

    After several years of 1 w Chinese knock offs, i have made the jump to some beautifully engineered KVANT units

    I was lucky to pick up a couple of Clubmax 3000 rgb projectors at the recent LDI trade show.

    The spec sheet reads 40 KPS at 8 degrees. (pangolin 506 scan set)

    I am having issues in Beyond, Settings>projector setting>Scan Tab,
    i dont seem to be able to set scan speed above 30000 pps

    I need to put these babies to work and for that i need rock solid logos

    All advice appreciated
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  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Open up projector settings, go to tab "scan rate" and set the Maximum "range of sample rates accessible using effects" to the limit you want.
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  3. zerowaitstate

    zerowaitstate Active Member

    To Simple, much obliged.
  4. kurt.de.feytyer@gfi.be

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    So you are scanning at 8 degrees.?
  5. zerowaitstate

    zerowaitstate Active Member

    i thought i was close but now my brain hurts, i was using
    • Step 1 The two sides we know are Opposite (300) and Adjacent (400).
    • Step 2 SOHCAHTOA tells us we must use Tangent.
    • Step 3 Calculate Opposite/Adjacent = 300/400 = 0.75
    • Step 4 Find the angle from your calculator using tan-1
    Tan x° = opposite/adjacent = 300/400 = 0.75

    tan-1 of 0.75 = 36.9° (correct to 1 decimal place)

    my opposite is 260mm
    my adjacent is 5216
  6. Bob@Pangolin

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  7. zerowaitstate

    zerowaitstate Active Member

    Fantastic !, i was trying to figure how i could work that into a excel sheet / calculator.

    I was hopping to see you at LDI, but no luck. As ever a quick response with the info needed,
  8. Bob@Pangolin

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