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  1. koutsoumpis

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    Hi guys.Any idea how can i control my lasers on a dmx console like avolite. i am using the classic tiger model. I see some people controlling lasers beams threw dmx consoles and looks great but as far as i know the build in shapes in the laser it self is very poor.Any ideas?
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    They probably use the new FB4 laser hardware controller. Its able to be controlled by dmx/art-net after you upload your own content to the sd-card on the laser.

    There are DMX profiles available for many consoles. And basically.. It should be possible to use it on a dmx fader panel, however clumsy the controls on the dmx fader would be.

    I think the fixture profile of the FB4 would explain a lot.

    Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 20.49.37.png
  3. koutsoumpis

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    Thank you Bob.The channel assignment you sent me is for FB3 i guess correct?
  4. Bob@Pangolin

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    We use the same dmx profile for all our products.. Meaning:

    FB3 with Quickshow >> DMX in through enttec pro -> to control QuickShow. (PC needed to operate lasers)
    FB4 DMX/Art-net profile for hardware controller (needs software to upload the content to the sd-card QuickShow comes with all our hardware.
    BEYOND "simple" profile ,BEYOND actually has 3 different dmx fixture profiles, but 1 of them is this. (PC needed to operate lasers)
  5. koutsoumpis

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    very clear thanks Bob!