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    Hi guys.Any idea how can i control my lasers on a dmx console like avolite. i am using the classic tiger model. I see some people controlling lasers beams threw dmx consoles and looks great but as far as i know the build in shapes in the laser it self is very poor.Any ideas?
  2. They probably use the new FB4 laser hardware controller. Its able to be controlled by dmx/art-net after you upload your own content to the sd-card on the laser.

    There are DMX profiles available for many consoles. And basically.. It should be possible to use it on a dmx fader panel, however clumsy the controls on the dmx fader would be.

    I think the fixture profile of the FB4 would explain a lot.

    Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 20.49.37.png
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    Thank you Bob.The channel assignment you sent me is for FB3 i guess correct?
  4. We use the same dmx profile for all our products.. Meaning:

    FB3 with Quickshow >> DMX in through enttec pro -> to control QuickShow. (PC needed to operate lasers)
    FB4 DMX/Art-net profile for hardware controller (needs software to upload the content to the sd-card QuickShow comes with all our hardware.
    BEYOND "simple" profile ,BEYOND actually has 3 different dmx fixture profiles, but 1 of them is this. (PC needed to operate lasers)
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    very clear thanks Bob!

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