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  1. Quasarkeith

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    I have a running system of qm2000.net , LD2000 and beyond ultimate on the same computer Windows 8.

    I understand that with this system I would tune/setup my Laser in LD 2000 first. then install Beyond. Which I have done.

    My question is When I search for LD2000.ini I find it in two places
    When I examine the files in notepad the .ini file at;
    does not contain any changes (It's date at installation), but the .ini file at
    is current and I can read the changes I have saved in my setup.

    So how do I know which file is being used by Beyond if at all?

    It's just when running a show I am not sure that what I have set up in LD2000 is being used by Beyond.

    I find setting up a Laser in one program and using another a tad confusing!

    Can you help please.

    Keith %)

    Ps, Sorry I am not sure how you show Paths in forum text without adding a Smiley :\
  2. Stingray

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    When you run the LD2000-software-parts (Designer, Showtime, Autoplay, and so on) with admin rights (setting up in compatibility properties of the shortcuts) then the ini-files in the windows-directory will be correctly updated and show the actual status.
    Maybe this helps you...

  3. Aaron@Pangolin

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    This is actually something Windows does; it is one of their "Men in Black" features for some sort of safety reason. :rolleyes:

    It is my understanding that our efforts to stop Windows from making this un-needed file duplication (of the LD2000.ini file) have not been successful. LD2000 saves the file into the Windows directory but Windows will only make a copy to the Virtual Store folder when it determines the need (although it should be on any change to the file in the Windows directory); this can cause problems which are usually solved by copying the file from the Windows directory into the Virtual Store folder.

    I have found that if you delete the Virtual Store file and then open LD2000 or BEYOND, Windows will make a copy of the LD2000.ini file into the Virtual Store folder.

    To be fully certain BEYOND is using the last saved LD2000 configuration file, I suggest configuring your QM2000 in LD2000; closing LD2000 will create a LD2000.ini file. Go into the Virtual Store folder, delete the LD2000.INI there, then open BEYOND. This will force Windows to copy the newly saved LD2000.ini file with the QM2000 configuration you just made in LD2000.
  4. Quasarkeith

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    Thanks Guys for your replies;

    It would seem that only the copy in the Virtual store is updated.
    The .ini file in Windows remains at default and shows no changes.

    From you information and suggestions and some thoughts of my own;

    I have set compatibility mode to Windows 7.
    Made a copy of the current virtual store LD2000.ini file.
    Renamed the current Windows default .ini file to .bak
    Pasted the current Virtual store copy of the LD 2000.ini back into the Windows directory.
    Opened LD2000 and closed using the 3rd option. ( I have at sometime updated a couple of times without this option being used?)

    I will see how this works for now.
    But at some point re save and check for an option that should show up in the Windows LD2000.ini file.
    Do you know a simple saved option item that I can read in the LD2000.ini file? As I do no not want to mess up the tuning items already set.

    Thanks Keith:)