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    QM2000.NET Dropping Connection

    Our QM2000.NET recently began dropping it's connection to our laptop, which has been running our shows for years. The 10/100 Ethernet and Link lights will suddenly go off, and on the laptop it tells us that we have lost connection to the QM2000.NET. Sometimes, a simple turning off and then back...
  2. Q

    LD2000.net and Beyond

    Hi, I have a running system of qm2000.net , LD2000 and beyond ultimate on the same computer Windows 8. I understand that with this system I would tune/setup my Laser in LD 2000 first. then install Beyond. Which I have done. My question is When I search for LD2000.ini I find it in two...
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    QM2000.net not found

    I brought home the QM2000.net from work to try putting together some shows at home. I installed the LD2000 software and plugged the QM in to my computer via an ethernet cable. I set my IP address for my wired LAN to and the subnet mask to as the instruction said to do...