QM2000.NET Dropping Connection


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Our QM2000.NET recently began dropping it's connection to our laptop, which has been running our shows for years. The 10/100 Ethernet and Link lights will suddenly go off, and on the laptop it tells us that we have lost connection to the QM2000.NET.

Sometimes, a simple turning off and then back on of the QM2000.NET will get it working again. Sometimes it won't. Other times, when a restart works, it will only work for anywhere from 1 minute to a few hours before we again lose connection. The power light stays on when the issue occurs, but both the 10/100 and Link lights will shut off completely.

We have changed out all of the cables for the box, and it worked a few hours. However, it's back to dropping connectivity more often. We are out of ideas and have shows coming up in a few days. Are there any suggestions as to what might be causing the issue?
I have the same experience as you, except for using a desktop computer, there is no other way. I am resigned to fate