LD2000 SDK


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I am trying to use pangolin SDK.
1. My projector only has two brightness scales 0 and 255. I want to use moving-speed to draw different bright lines. In other words, I want to draw different lines with different scanner speed. How can I change the scanner speed?
2. I can draw with blank lines with
You are using our "Vector mode" with this code. This means that the QM2000 board automatically places points along the lines, and thus, artificially controls the scanning speed for you. If you want to make slower strokes that are "brighter", then what you will need to do is create frames that are point-oriented rather than vector-oriented. This is much more difficult, because your code will need to place blanked points and anchor points, not to mention corner points and also points along straight lines (that have a density inversely proportional to the brightness you desire). This is much more tedious, which is why we provide the vector-mode -- mostly for convenience.

In any event, if you want to do what you are saying here, you should clear the "Vector" flag in the frame structure, and then you can consistenly set "Status" to zero for all points. But again, you will have to place each and every point, which means that your typical frame will probably be over 1000 points.

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