1. B

    Beyond SDK?

    Hey all, Been looking around a little bit for where I can get support on using Beyond with other software. I'm looking to do what TouchDesigner did, but with Unreal Engine. I'm looking to be able to take laser data from Beyond so I can visualize it in Unreal. Any help would be greatly...
  2. M

    Beyond 5 - Pangolin SDK

    Hi, I'm trying to get the SDK working with Beyond 5 ultimate, but I get no picture (from SDK samples, Open Frameworks, Touch Designer, or whatever uses the SDK) Support told me "using the update dropdown menu at the top of the user interface, it should bring you up to build 1521 or 1522 which...
  3. G

    LD Quickshow 3.0

    Hello, I want to know if there is an SDK for Lasershow Designer Quickshow. Until now I used Lasershow Designer 2000 and I used the SDK provided with this one (LD2000.dll)
  4. M

    Fireworks mini app using LD2000 SDK

    Hello All, This summer I played around with a little experimental program to create simulated fireworks on the laser projector. I cannot take full credit, I actually started from an open source fireworks application written by a guy named Guillaume Chouteau. I used the LD2000 SDK and the...
  5. M

    SDK Sub-Forum?

    Might it be feasible to create a new sub-forum under "Other" to consolidate posts related to the LD2000 SDK? I noticed that most posts on this topic fall under the existing "Other" category, but there are a bunch of other good posts sprinkled throughout other categories too. My first search...
  6. Tim_in_UK

    SDK + built in fonts

    I am new to the LD2000 & currently experimenting with the SDK I noticed in this fora a reference to the LD2000 board having built in vector based fonts, is it possible to use these & if so is there a coding example or documentation I can refer to, that explains how ? I am projecting onto a...
  7. T

    SDK & Switching Between Scanners

    Hello there, it's me again with a new question regarding the SDK We have two projectors and I'm writing a little application that sends vector data to be written in both of them. Now I need to send different images to each projector at the same time. I tried: * changing...
  8. L

    LD2000 SDK Question

    Hello, I'm using VB6. A Question: which is the reason to choose the MCI engine functions and not directly the WMP driver, to play Media Contents ? Just to be curious and to better know and understand. "laserzag" Giuseppe Zagaria
  9. R

    LD2000 SDK question

    Hi, I'm trying to use the MovePointsActive function in c++, but the last argument is LPLONG SUPPLY_ActiveArray What am I supposed to use for this? Thanks
  10. P

    LD2000 SDK

    Hello! I am trying to use pangolin SDK. 1. My projector only has two brightness scales 0 and 255. I want to use moving-speed to draw different bright lines. In other words, I want to draw different lines with different scanner speed. How can I change the scanner speed? 2. I can...
  11. T

    Using Pangolin SDK

    Hello! I've started programming using the Pangolin SDK, using the QM2000 PCI board. Now I'm trying to draw a set of points in a grid fashion. To do that, I draw in vector frame modes. For each point, I use one blanking point before, then two points in the same place to draw the point, and one...
  12. T

    Determine serialnumber and board type via SDK

    Hi, I'm working on a customer project, where I need to lock the user software to a certain board type and serial number. I have found the way to retrieve the serial number (GetSerialNumber) but how do I retrieve the board type? Is it incorporated into the serial number? Regards Jan
  13. jamone

    Using Pangolin SDK

    Hello, I'm trying to write a custom application to draw some simple static designs. Most of it will be just a strait line. I can get 1 line to draw using 2 pts but any more points and it starts becoming completely deformed. Could someone show me so extremely simple commands that I should use to...
  14. aricha


    Hi everybody Someone on the laserlist had mentioned the rebirth of the Lasermame project & patches Can you direct me to this web site? thanks aricha
  15. J

    Accessing the QM2000 from another application...

    Hi Everybody, Where can I get a list of the commands that can be used to control QM2000 functions from another application. For example, if I were writing a program to load a show into the board and play it, what would they be? Thanks, Jorge