linear transformation/movement?

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  1. meeble

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    So, when I animate in B3D, movement/transformations have an acceleration/physics added by default. Is there a way to disable this so my movements are fully linear - i.e. no acceleration curve?

  2. meeble

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    I've gone into the animation editor, and made the rotation transformation line linear - but there is still a slight ramp-up at the beginning of the animation and ramp-down at the end. Not sure how to make the speed completely linear.

    In the animation editor - is there a way to make the line 100% straight - i.e. remove the bezier curves?
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    Can you send me a few screen shots of how you are setting this up so I can try to reproduce it? Maybe a short unlisted youtube video of what you are seeing too if possible. :eek:
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    You must go in the "Curve Editor" and switch from "Bezier" to "Linear"

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