Manual for using iPad to run LD2000, BEYOND, and QuickShow

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    I want to say a big Thank you to Daniel Briggs, one of our controller users out of the UK, who has written a manual that describes how to set up a "Laser PC" and iPad so that you can run our laser controllers from an iPad, iPhone, iPod... even Android devices will work (I have an EVO 3D that it works well with). I have been using this method with a different PC VNC server for over 2 years with very few issues. By doing this you are setting up a server on your Laser PC that is allowing your iPad to remotely control your Laser PC's desktop.

    Please contact us using the Pangolin website contact page to request a PDF version of this manual.
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    Thanks Aaron for posting this, very helpful :)

    I'm Megaton from PL.

    Best regards and happy holidays.