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    How long of a cable can be used between the projector and the FB3 controller? I have Belkin 50 ft cables from Amazon and wondered if I could put a bunch of them together to put the projector 300 ft from the operators table.%)
  2. smokeAndMirrors

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    I use 60m (2 x 30m DB25s daisy-chained). Works fine. Max length is about 100m but that is rounded (up or down, who knows?) and I think that assumes top-quality cables. I use cheap DB25s rather than expensive ILDAs so I don't want to push it any further.

    300ft = 100m, so I would say you are right on the edge of significant voltage drop and therefore noise and interference, even with the best quality shielded cables.
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    So 100 Feet won't be a problem at all?

    Can one of you 2 point me to a good quality DB25 cable that won't break the bank anymore than I have already done:sillylol:

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    As you have discovered to find a factory moulded long DB25 cable is hard and expensive.

    Stanwax has tha answer the "ILDA - CAT5 Adaptor"

    Stanwax Laser ILDA to CAT 5 adaptors allow 1 ILDA signal to run from the laser projector to the control station using CAT 5 cables or CAT 5 infrastructure as long as it does not pass through a switch. It connects the most common signals using 2 CAT 5 cables and is sold as a matched pair.

    To find long good quality cat5 cable is a cheaper and easier option.

    here is a link to the product - cat5 adaptor.htm
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    I live in the UK, so can't help you too much. This is the one I usually go for.
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    Um, my laptop has only one ethernet connector, so this is not so useful?
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    This product has nothing to do with ethernet from what I can tell.

    It just takes the XYRGB (etc.) pins from the DB25's and pairs them out to match with the twisted pairs on 2 cat5 cables (2 sets of 4 twisted pairs for 8 pairs or 16 conductors). A box on each end to go to and from 2 cat 5 cables that you would run between.

    Interesting idea (cheat), but most cat5 cables are unshielded, so probably not the best choice for analog laser signals if you change venues a lot with your system setups. You would more than likely pick up interference from anything the cables ran next to.

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    Ilda - cat5

    I have one of these ilda - cat5 converters, they work great, Rob has come up with a helpful product and can be bought for £30, that what I paid from his site including delivery,

    Cat5 cable is cheap so if you damage it , its cheaper to replace than a whole Ilda cable.

    Cheers Tony=)