Missing features from LD2000 v5.03b

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Optrix, Oct 15, 2010.

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    Hi Pangolin Support

    I'm brand new to laser programing and my boss has handed me the responsibility of programing our future shows on his new Pangolin system. Woohoo!!! :)

    I can see we have version 5.03b of Lasershow Designer 2000 and the rest of the Basic pack.

    I started working through the tutorial videos and have noticed some features are missing. They are listed in the help file but not available on the pull down menu where they should be. I re-installed everything however to no effect. Have they been removed from my version of LD2000 or is something wrong? Please advise. :confused:


    SFX menu:
    Make raster frame...
    Write out effects...
    Filter (soften) lines...
    Smooth colors
    Mark anchor points

    Transform menu:

    Numeric resize, rotate, move
    Flatten axis
    Stretch into line
    Wrap onto cube
    Wrap onto sphere etc.
    Map onto 2D shape
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    I could be wrong as i don;t have it in front of me, but aren;t these the features you get depending on what you set your expertise view at?

  3. Martin Kapp

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    I think your problem is that you have LD2000 basic. The Pro version will enable everything.
  4. sureshyadavn

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    Only The Pro-Version that enables all Features Check It Out,
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  6. Optrix

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    Thanks decix! Not sure how I missed this page. :cool: