My QS wish list.

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  1. whiteg

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    My QS wish.

    Why can not chooses all zones in QS Text and QS shape and QS Trace? Why only Scanner 1,2,3.....
    I would like to make I can choose all zones (Graphics, atmospheric...etc). I request the Pangolin team to allow permit all zones choices.
    Thank you.

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  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    What build are you using? When I test this I can send it to many zones (at least 8 or 10).

    Your screen shot shows you are using DEMO projectors; you may need hardware attached to get options for other zones.
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  3. whiteg

    whiteg Well-Known Member

    The picture I downloaded the internet, not my QS print screen image.

    I'm sorry, I was careless. I test in offline mode my QS. I connected the FB3 is all zone is work now. I'm happy. :)
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  4. RGBeetje

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    my wish

    If I could make one simple wish for future things in QS, It would be that I can simply mix my workspace pages.. Copy 1 page, past it in another workspace. Now I have to copy cue by cue. Or loose a page to make another..

    So if I make 1 great page with text, and 1 with graphics, and a workspace with all the rest, I'll be able to choose what extra page I want to add from the other workspace.. Keeping in mind that the number of pages is limitated.

  5. whiteg

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    Edit frame list to play reverse a frame sequence in QuickShow.
  6. whiteg

    whiteg Well-Known Member

    Event positions expansion of settings.

    Event positions expansion of settings.
    I would like the next version would be everywhere input box into which I can add the values in the event position menu. similar than position menu. Now the difficult to good position.
    Thank you,

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