Network of users for trading shows?

Discussion in 'Show-ware' started by Pangolin, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Pangolin

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    Hi all,

    While I was at the Frankfurt Prolight & Sound show, I met a user who showed me an Excel file he had accumulated. There were around 350 shows listed!! Those shows include the ones that we distribute along with LD2000, but still the number is impressive. Of the shows he had listed, the other 250 of them were shows that he got from friends. Basically, he was able to trade shows with other friends who had made the shows for their own enjoyment.

    He gave me the idea of starting a "Network of users for trading shows". Again, the idea is that people get together (preferably on this forum, so that the greatest number of users will benefit) and share the shows they created. Of course, if you created shows that you want to charge money for, that's possible too. And of course, this would not extend to publicly distributing the works of others without their permission.

    Please post to this forum if you would like to participate and share some of the work that you have done with others, for their enjoyment, and in return get shows that they want to share with you. This is in the spirit of what Rupert Morris started long ago. And even though Rupert seems unavailable, and thus is unable to share his shows, there's nothing to stop other people from sharing their own shows if they want to.

    Normally I would not put a post like this on this forum, and moreover, normally this kind of thing would never occur to me. But when I saw this was suggested by someone who had already amassed over 350 laser shows just by contacting other users and trading with them, it seems like a good idea to start a topic to see who is interested.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  2. poulm

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    Hi WB.

    This is really a good ideal. Strange that anyone haven't done this before in the forum here. But how can we practical do it the best way ? Any good idears good laser People. :)

    Best regards
    Poul Moeller - Laser Power I/S - Denmark
  3. Pangolin

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    I guess a simple way would be to follow the lead set forth by Rupert Morris a few years ago. Just post to this forum "hey, I have these laser shows that I would like to share with others". Then others can do the same. Many times, people have their own web site and they can post a link to the download files. Other times they can be sent by email. Basically, the spirit is one of "sharing".

    But again, I am not condoning the "sharing" of anything done without the knowledge of the creator. And I am not saying that everyone must "share". There are some individuals and companies that make money by selling shows, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if this guy I ran into at Prolight&Sound was able to collect over 250 shows from others, just by sharing what he had, then why not? Of course, I don't expect that these kind of shows would have the same quality as ones made by professional companies and garnering big money for their shows. But that's not the point either...

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  4. JeroenVDV

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    Hi Bill,

    I like the idea and will for sure support it by posting free shows.

    However, I think it's just not going to work if links to show-files on own websites are posted. Websites come and go, URL's change, and this will result in shows not being available anymore. If we all like this idea, creating an online community-system with upload-functions or simply a FTP-server will be much better.
  5. Pangolin

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    Hi Jeroen,

    Good point. As with the Rupert shows, web sites and servers come and go. But hopefully Pangolin will always be around ;-)

    If there is agreement on the part of those who want to share, just let me know and I will put it on our server for download. That way there will be a constant repository.

  6. JeroenVDV

    JeroenVDV Member

    It would be great to have a dedicated community-system for that. Where people can upload their shows and give comments. I think it's very important to be able to give and receive feedback - that's of course one of the reasons to upload shows, to get feedback!

    It would also be good having the possibility to have your "profile" on there, which shows pictures of gigs/installations/shows you did (blog-style), some information about yourself, the latest shows you uploaded, etc. Basically, a 21th-century online community for lasershow-designers :N
  7. german

    german Member

    Hello people!

    I am very enthusiastic about the idea and would like to take part.
    Perhaps frames and animations also could be exchanged.
    I have worked with Pangolin for 5 years and therefore I would like to contribute my part to the Community.
    It really would be a good thing........

    best regards,
  8. Spectre

    Spectre New Member

    I also think its a win-win situation for everyone. Count me in! :N
  9. JeroenVDV

    JeroenVDV Member

    I wouldn't mind spending some time setting up a community-system to realize this show-share idea. I do have enough knowledge and experience on website-design, PHP and (opensource) community-software.
  10. buffo

    buffo Member

    Greetings to the group - new member here! :D

    Bill, I think this is a great idea. I'd be happy to share the shows I've created with other Pangolin users. And I agree that having a central repository (e.g. an FTP server) is preferable to a list of links that could become stale and outdated.

    I suppose the real question, then, is where to host all the material?

  11. Cruch

    Cruch Well-Known Member

    Sure, count me in too!
  12. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Rather than create an FTP site, where people can upload and download shows themselves (and also delete shows, as is done with Photon Lexicon sometimes), I have an idea. Send the shows to me and I will put them on a special page. The special page will also have information about who created the shows and how to get in touch with them.

    If you don't know my email address, just contact me using the Contact form on this web site. (It's also the bottom left link on this web page.)

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  13. dpssl

    dpssl Member

    As an Webdeveloper, i can create a Show-Portal for Pangolin Shows.
    Shows can be uploadet and user can registrate their Names.
    They can Vote Shows and have a Show Top10. Show of the month, newest shows and so on.
    They can also comment the shows. You, Mr. Benner can easy Controll this Portal like an simple Guestbook.
    No programming skills and no complicate User permissions like on a Webserver.
    The User will get an eMail after his free registration with all his needed informations.
    Shows can be previewed by some Screenshots. The Downloads will also be counted. The Creator can see who also downloads his Show.

    just some ideas for this Portal.

    How about that?
  14. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

  15. dmxlaser

    dmxlaser Member

    I have some extra server space you can use if you want....
  16. Cruch

    Cruch Well-Known Member

    What about the shows by Rupert Morse. I have almost all of them.
  17. aly

    aly Well-Known Member

    I can also share some shows, frames, animations and Livepro workspaces. I'll check this topic to see when the site will be ready.
  18. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi all,

    We are just about ready to go on this. I have received five shows from Adam Burns (Buffo), nine shows from Rupert Morse (with permission to post them), plus three Pangolin Prize winners we recently made a deal with. Also, I have commitments from more people to send in shows.

    We won
  19. 300EVIL

    300EVIL Member

    Hi Everyone!
    I sent my one and only show to Mr. Benner today. Hope to have many more shows done soon. I really like the idea of sharing shows to help expand the LD-2000 community.
  20. soforene

    soforene Well-Known Member

    I'm really looking forward to this.
    Any progress chaps?