No laser output the Quickshow

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    Hi, I have the following setup:

    Laser Show Quickshow

    Pangolin Flash Back 3 USB interface.

    2.5W ILDA Laser, full colour, I think digital. I think maybe 30,000 Hz.

    The laser works fine in Automatic Mode and Music Mode. But when I connect laser to the FB3 it doesn’t show any images/lasers at all. I’ve pressed an animation and even tried text, and clicked enable output. but it is still a blank image.

    The light on the FB3 Interface is green when the laser is not connected to the other end of the cable. The light is yellow when it is connected to the laser.

    The drivers are installed for FB3.

    I will point out that the interface cable socket on the back of the laser is slightly pushed inwards on one side, however I feel it is still getting a good connection.

    The laser and FB3 worked the last time I tried them about 3 months ago. But that was on a different laptop. I have a feeling it could be incorrect settings in Quickshow, but I’m not sure what they could be.

    I’ve tried various modes, beginner, intermediate etc and different laser settings, but no luck.

    Can someone point out any settings that I could be looking at?

    Do the above symptoms possible point to a break in my cable somewhere? (As I say I think the port is still fine, but I will repair it and then re-test.
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    What abouth the QS setting and QS scanner setting and Zone settings?
    What happend if you enable QS output? When the FB3 led Red then QS out put signal is work to the laser.
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    Hi guys, thank you so much for your replies. My apologies for the delay, I changed email shortly after posting it, and accidentally forgot about the post. Sorry about that.

    Bugger, I hope that I don't have a counterfeit FB3, but yes I purchased my laser in China, so there is a good chance it is a knock off. I will check the details of mine agains those listed on the counterfeit information page. Can anyone tell me how much a genuine FB3 is? Is there a new USB Controller/Interface that I can get that works with Mac, rather than just old Win XP/Vista?

    I'm unsure if it is the laptop that is possibly the problem, or the FB3 controller, or just silly me not being sure how to set it up correctly. I'm not experienced with Quickshow at all, but when I first bought the Laser and QS a few years ago and tested, it didn't seem this hard to set up.

    I've ruled out the cable, as I purchased a brand new one of those.

    @whiteg, I'm sorry to be a pain, are you able to step me through some setting on those pages that I should test, or set my laser to based on my model's specs? I'm not sure what the zone settings are?