OSC and multicue problems

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by jonasfehr, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. jonasfehr

    jonasfehr New Member

    I am currently trying to set up a installation using 5 independent laserprojectors. Usinge a new Beta of Beyond4.
    Using Max/Msp, I am generating OSC cues to controll the content on the different lasers.
    /beyond/general/StartCue "CueName"
    /beyond/general/EndCue "CueName"

    There are several issues:

    1. Using these cues seem to disturb the MultiCue function. Staying in MultiCue function and turning on several cues manually (by mouse) they run smoothly next to each other. Using OSC messages to start stop the cues, a StartCue stops all the other Cues... As it would be in single cue mode.

    2. Using StopCue, doesn´t show the "fade out animation", but just turns off the image immediately. In contrary when starting and stopping the cue manually (clicking on it) it animates smoothely. StartCue triggers the "fade in" animation.

    (Sorry I an new to Beyond and don´t necessary know the right terms)

    Kan anyone help me out?
  2. Eduardo Jimenez

    Eduardo Jimenez New Member

    I have the same issue here just trying with one laser projector, multicue function is apparently disabled sending multiple cues via OSC, this happens using multicue option activated on BEYOND or even activated via osc

    /beyond/general/StartCue cue2
    /beyond/general/StartCue cue2Anim

    Any help?