PangoScript running into the next day

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  1. L.E.A.D.

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    I am new to the Script side of Beyond and am trying to figure out if I can have a show run at a set time, then do it again the next day without having to come back and press play on the machine to do it again. This is what I have and it seems to work, but having to wait 24 hours to see if the time reset works, well I figured I would see if anyone else got it figured out first.

    WaitForTime 0,0,30,0 // hours, minutes, seconds, ms
    WaitForTime 0,0,35,0 // hours, minutes, seconds, ms
    WaitForTime 0,1,0,0 // hours, minutes, seconds, ms
    WaitForTime 23,59,59,59 // hours, minutes, seconds, ms
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Its never wise to do this from within BEYOND.

    Its better to use windows scheduler for this purpose.

    Please read this Wiki topic.
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  3. L.E.A.D.

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    I think this should be added to something Beyond can do honestly.

    What is a reason to not do this is BEYOND?
  4. Bob@Pangolin

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    BEYOND is not a clock. It's not wise to use BEYOND as judge, jury and executioner.
    It's better to use an external dedicated time based application for this.

    Windows scheduler for example.
  5. L.E.A.D.

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    Ok thanks.