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    Hi 3D-Fans!

    I'm new to C4D and currently stuck on creating a simple camera flight through a tube. As you can see on the pictures the renderer puts some lines in there that don't look right. I've tried to create the tube in different ways (malformed tube object, ring object, circle spline + sweep nurbs) but everytime I put a raster on it, it looks like in those pics. The converter-plugin always aligns to the world X/Y-axis instead of following the curve the object is doing. I assume this is a design limitation of the renderer itself, but I hope there is a way to avoid it. A workaround would be appreciated too, goal is to achieve a flight through a curved tube with cross-lines on the inside to create the feeling of movement through it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thanks in advance for you help!

    decix :cool:
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    I am sure it is not a limitation of the renderer, but rather some funny thing you are doing with C4D. For example, maybe you need to make the material double-sided or something like that.

    Also, the "strange lines" you are mentioning look like "contour lines" to me. Perhaps you have contours enabled, when they are really not needed in this case.

    I will see if Cathleen can look into this and give you an answer. She works at MAXON, so I am sure she will know.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    on your first picture I saw that "Zeige R
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    Just in case anybody else is interested in this... the approach I took was the wrong way to do this.
    Overlay grid ("Gitter") cannot be used for curved objects, use "edge selection" feature instead to display wireframes just like C4D shows them. Have a look at the LC4D-manual. :cool: