Problems with more than one FB3

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    I'm using Beyond 2.1 and suddenly i had a misterius fail. I connected 4 FB3 an then started to make the laser settings. Laser on on FB3 No.1...ok Laser 2 on FB3 No. 2...I switched it on with a test pattern, but Laser 1 startet. I tested Laser 3+4 on FB 3+4.... but always Laser on started.
    I tried Quickshow.... it worked perfectly on QS.
    I just realized, that this miracle only happens in the "Projektor setting". When I go to a cue and define another laser for this cue it works perfectly
    Please help me
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    Please take a look at attached picture. Test Pattern window has option to show serial numbers of controllers. The main guess - please check Projection Zones. If your Projection Zones settings is correct, and you see unexpected output then please let me know.

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    AHHHHH that was my fault. Sorry. Userfail.