Projector not scanning & cannot manually increase scan angle

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    Hello all, I've run into a couple issues with the Beyond software; they don't seem to be related but if its not one, it's the other....anyway, so oftentimes when I start Beyond and enable laser output it will not scan. That is, it's just a stationary beam flashing colors. Seems to happen randomly. It also does not display the test patterns, it just displays a dot as well. No scanning. Has anyone else had this issue before?

    I don't know how but at some point I got it to actually scan, but then I ran into another issue: The projection area seemed to be confined to a very small box which I couldn't resize. The image was distorted towards the bottom corner of this box, as if it was trying to go past an invisible barrier. Nothing in the projector settings or zone settings appeared to affect this barrier.

    In the image attached, I show roughly how I had to set up my zones in order to keep the image inside this invisible little box so that it wouldn't be super distorted. However, the resulting projected area is less than 10 degrees across. My projector, a lw DS-1000RGB has a max scan angle of 45 degrees and 30kps scanners @ 8 degrees. What gives?

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  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Hello GBK,

    Your problem sounds a bit like a defective ILDA cable.
    Did you already try to replace the cable?
  3. GBK

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    Hi Bob,

    I will give that a go, however it might be worth mentioning that the ILDA cable I have seems to work just fine when I interface with my projector through a Dock Dongle. I only experience the issue when interfacing through the FB3-XE.

    Also, technically my ILDA cable is just a DB-25 serial/parallel cable from an old computer box, do I need to use a "certified" ILDA cable or is this ok?
  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Any other cable that is 25p 1:1 should be fine.
  5. GBK

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    If it’s not the cable, is there anything else that it might be?
  6. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    The scanners it self or maybe the hardware. Please contact us through Support [at] Pangolin [dot] com, so we can further diagnose the problem.