qm2000.net and Win8 Beyond/LD2000

Discussion in 'QM2000 series of products' started by Richi, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Richi

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    Hi, i have fresh installed notebook with Win8 and Install Beyond. But the QM2000.net are not work/found. Install of LD2000 are same to. If i use the QM2000NET_config.exe "run with XP compatiblity mode" then i see the .net Cards.
    How to install right the .net Cards at win8 ?

    Under Win7 it works.
  2. Astatic

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    Have you run the patch file for windows 7?

    You can download it here Fix for slow networking performance with Windows 7
  3. Richi

    Richi Member

    yes i have it do.

    By the way, if you not run with admin rights, then he can't find the .ini on windows directory. I think it is rights error. I have set the rights of the ld2000.ini ld2000.dll ld2000.qms to all, take no effect.
  4. Richi

    Richi Member

    update: if i install new Version 4.53 of LD2000 then works. Update to 5.50 then dont find the qm2000.
    Beyond always don't find the .net Cards.
    I must say it is Windows 8.1
  5. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    We have tested the .NET box recently on a windows 8.1 laptop with no issues...

    Is LD2000 giving you a problem at all or is it just BEYOND (with version 5.5)?
  6. Richi

    Richi Member

    Ok, beyond i have testet only 1.91 Build 603 and don't work.
    What i mean with 5.5 are LD2000. Version 4.53 works, after update to 5.5 then i have -1003 error.
  7. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    I have tested LD2000 5.50 on Windows 8.1 X86 & X64.
    At the same time I have tested the QM with Beyond B603
    Both work fine.

    There might be another issue, did you already try to replace the cable?
    To power off and on the QM2000.net?
  8. Richi

    Richi Member

    joke ? ;-) i wrote, that works with LD2000 and Version 4.53 but not with 5.50

    With network sniffing tool Wireshark, i see the broadcasts from the Cards. Network are Ok.

    I can not see that Programm make access to the Network, if i sniffing it.
    It must be accessright error.. firewall off, IPv6 off, all off what can block it.
    Compatibility mode with XP SP3 all tested... not running.

    Other way... all cleared, only install Beyond.. build 603. But at this point, beyond dont access to qm2000, it have no drivers.
    Have you only Driver package for Install ? I mean, that i dont install the LD2000 Software.
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  9. Richi

    Richi Member

    now 4 month has passed and nothing has happened. We have more Computers with win 8, and at all the same error. With win 7 runs.
  10. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Richi, we have not been able to reproduce your issue after trying it on several different computers with Windows 8.

    That being said, there are NO drivers needed when using the QM2000.NET box; it is a network node. All Windows has to do is see the QM2000 on the network and LD2000 and BEYOND should be able to use it. If Windows cannot see the QM2000 then nothing can use it.

    It sounds to me like Windows 8 may be setting the QM2000.NET "network" as public, as opposed to Home, so it doesn't "trust" some of the traffic causing the .NET Box not to be "seen". I suggest trying to see if you can check in the Network Sharing Center to see what type of netowrk the QM2000 comes up on when you plug the network cable into your Windows 8 computer.

    In the future if you think your issue has "fallen through the cracks" here on the forum, please do no hesitate to call into our office or send one of us an email. The forum is for the informal "I need help NOW" type of issue that anyone can answer and usually experienced and End Users are someitmes better at answering; all formal issues should be sent to us in the office, either by phone or emailing, so we can get it fixed.

    If trying my suggestion to get Windows 8 to see the QM2000 on a home network doesn't work I would call into our office when you have the impacted computer online so I can try to remotely log into it to take a look around.
  11. Richi

    Richi Member

    Hi, i see the QM2000.net with wireshark. About wireshark, it is network trafic analyzer and sniffer. And i see packages from it.

    I want use Beyond without installation of LD2000...
    Only if install LD2000, then are ld2000.qms (firmware) and ld2000.dll installed at /windows/system32.

    You know that from Windows 8 to 8.1 are difference groups guidelines ?
    And differences beweteen the pro version ?
    I can not realy debug.. you have detection that i can not analyze with process monitor.

    I am not alone with this problem, other Users have the same errors.
    Only what you must do.. buy a clean simple notebook with 8.1. and install beyond and look even.
  12. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    You cannot run the QM2000 in BEYOND without installing LD2000. BEYOND partially uses LD2000 to access the QM2000.

    I do not know any differences in the groups in Windows; I have even seen Windows 7 have the "home"/"public" network issue cause problems. When you first connect to a network Windows will ask you how you want to assign that network, home or public. If you pick public then some traffic is not passed to/from the network which appears to cause a problem with the traffic from the QM2000.NET.
  13. Richi

    Richi Member

    Hi Aaron,

    i see network traffic from both .net Cards.
    With Programm QM2000Net_quick finder i see all.

    Network is private, no Firewall etc.

    I have trace networktraffic and Programm traffic from LD2000 with process monitor, and i see the .dll makes no access to TCP/IP and winsocks.
    It is only internal from dll to IP Stacks inside Windows.

    What i mean with driver is the .dll that access to the Network stack in Windows.
  14. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I am doing another round of testing and am not having any problems with 8.0. I will work to update to 8.1 here in a moment.

    Are you sure when you ran the 5.5 update that you installed the networking version of the LD2000.DLL? There is a point in the update that asks you if you are using a QM2000.NET. You may want to reinstall the 5.5 update and make sure you select "yes" when that prompt pops up.
  15. Richi

    Richi Member

    Hi Aaron,

    yes, it is installed. dll Date is from 12.08.2011 (US-date 08/12/2011)
  16. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Hey Richi, I am still not able to reproduce this. Please call into our office when you have one of the impacted computers online so I can remotely log into it to check your settings.
  17. Richi

    Richi Member

    Hi Aaron, i Cant Call.
    Now i have litte spend more Time for this trouble. More fresh Computers are the same with win8 64bit.

    Start of LD2000 version 5.03 it works. After update to 5.50 dont work.

    set .exe to Compatibility mode to WinXP SP3
    Execute as Administrator... if you don't do this, no access to c:\windows\ld2000.ini
    change rights of ld2000.ini and ld2000.dll and ld2000.qms to all rights

    But Beyond don't work

    I think best Alexey talk to me or write me
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  18. carlos3621

    carlos3621 Member

    i just installed Beyond on a .NET system with no problems on a Windows 8.1 system.
    beyond current version
    LD 5.5

    the only issue I had, was having to manually assign the IP address off the back of my .NET box, into my computer's network settings.

    no issues so far...
  19. Richi

    Richi Member

    later this Year... and nothing has changed...

    LD2000 works if use settings with Compatibility as XP and SP3 ....
    but Beyond makes no access to qm2000..

    there will be more time invested so that no one hacked the program, rather than for clean compatibility with current Windows.

    It is not possible to trace the access of all used dll with processmonitor etc.

    DLLs are allocated at SysWOW64....
    its funny... Year 2015 and we have 32bit Programms....:rolleyes:
    windows in windows....
    I hope you know how the right management works here... with wsock32.dll kernel32.dll opengl32.dll user32.dll gdi32.dll winmm.dll ole32.dll and many others...

    It is very easy to make a running beyond with included QM2000 network acces without needed crazy LD2000 Installation with that must run with down down downgraded compatibility mode of XP.... :rolleyes:

    why is this not done? ld2000.ini ld2000.dll and firmware ld2000.qms

    All tested now with 5 different Computers... nothing work under win 8.1. !!!
    All 64bit !!!!
    Win7 32bit works....

    Why Alexey dont response ?
    the only one capable programmer, in the days when BEYOND was LA STUDIO.
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  20. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Richi, I am the Technical Support Manager here at Pangolin; based on my testing on several computers, and the inability for me to reproduce the issue, I feel the need to log into your computer to check your settings and a couple of other possible causes.

    You are the only one reporting this problem which indicates this is most likely a settings issue within your computers. I admit, having it impact 5 different computers is odd, but since all these comptuers are yours, I suspect there is some setting on all 5 that is set incorrectly. I may be wrong, but per my Support Process that I follow diligently, I need to check your computer out personally (virtually of course) out before I refer your issue "up".

    Alexey does not monitor the LD2000 sub-forum; he is not involved with LD2000 developement.