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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by Firepeet, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Firepeet

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    Today I've been testing the beta version of QS 3.0.
    I use an APC20 to control QS. Is it possible to simulate the APCmini through Bome's MIDI Translator so I can use all the functionalities?

    For example, i convert the raw Midi message from the 1st button on the top like this:

    Incoming APC20: MIDI 90 35 7F > Outgoing: MIDI 90 38 7F, to QS
    Incoming APC20: MIDI 80 35 7F > Outgoing: MIDI 80 38 7F, to QS
    Incoming QS : MIDI 90 38 pp > Outgoing: MIDI 90 35 pp, to APC20

    (The first button of the APC20 send normally Note On message 90 35 7F and the APCmini 90 38 7F)

    Is this the right way?

    If yes, i can't see the sliders on the screen as in the demonstration video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6FWNyzFVBU&feature=youtu.be
    Slider 1 send message B0 30 PP (00 >7F), Slider 2: B0 31 PP, . . . . . . . Slider 9: B0 38 PP
    I learned all the sliders with Midi Live Control Setup.


    How can i activate the QuickFX as in that demonstration movie?
    The APCmini send message 90 62 7F when the square shift button is pressed. When i send this message with Bome's Midi Translator then nothing happens.


    When i activate a cue with the mouse button QS send Velocity 04 (blinking red), and after stopping the cue 06 (blinking yellow).
    But when i activate the cue with a Note-on midi message QS send Velocity 03 (red), and after stopping with a Note-off message 05 (yellow).

    should that be so?


    Lots of questions, hopefully they can be answered ;-)

    thanks in advance,
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  2. nor

    nor Member


    Following this, the MIDI functionality will be very interesting.
    Can I ask who I should ask to get a beta testing license?
  3. epyn

    epyn Member

    Ask directly from William Benner on pangolin.com/contact page please

    Anyway the 40kpps feature is pretty cool.My frames and many animations are flickering free.
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  4. nor

    nor Member

    Tried emailing two times in a week, no replies. Guess everyone´s busy finishing up 3.0 release, which I´m sure will be awesome.

    Just. So. Hard. To. Wait. :)
  5. rodman1369

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    I have been playing with the Beta...works Great with my new-ish APC Mini...just as in the video...When starting QS...Pangolin scrolls across my mini...and it recognizes the workspace page I select and the buttons light up and control the cues. I am Most pleased with this feature and this release thus far. Go Pangolin! :airtoss:
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  6. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Thanks Folks!

    Actually we've improved APC Mini support even a bit further than what you've seen so far, and wait until you see the Pangolin Cloud, which is the final feature we want to include in 3.0.
  7. kris

    kris New Member

    Man, I can't wait to play with it %)=):sillylol:
  8. Firepeet

    Firepeet Member

    Can you tell me what the midi message is when you activate the QuickFX by pressing the square shift button on the APCmini?

    When the option "Show MIDI messages in Preview" is activated you can see the MIDI message is in the preview screen.

  9. rodman1369

    rodman1369 Member

    I checked the show midi messages in preview...but don't see what it does...the shift on/shift off bar shows...but don't know where to look for a midi sequence.
  10. Firepeet

    Firepeet Member

    First thanks for look at this:)

    The MIDI messages, by pressing a key on the APC, can be seen as in the screenshot below:


    Please can you tell me your midi settings like the yellow marker in this screenshots?

  11. rodman1369

    rodman1369 Member

    I haven't used the midi function...sorry
    My midi settings say MIDI In #1 APC MINI
  12. Firepeet

    Firepeet Member

    Thanks Rodman.

    Maybe Pangolin can give me support for how to activate QuickFX with the APC40.
  13. c2cdjs

    c2cdjs New Member

    When will 3.0 be available?
  14. kris

    kris New Member

    Stil no release date on 3.0 ?
    Hope you guys ain't getting cold feet. :sillylol:
  15. Firepeet

    Firepeet Member

  16. following but i have apc20 not mini ??? any help would be awesome